Monday, September 05, 2005

day like any other

I gotta get ready to go to the store here in a few. Tomorrow is Boo's 9th birthday. I'm gonna make cupcakes for him to take to school tomorrow. It will be more or less a quite day. We will probably take him out for dinner. Next year though we're going to hve a pool party for him at the park pool.

Bean is trying to play with the birds. lol play lol....

The dogs are wanting in. I guess I better go do that. I've been watching Fox news again. My mind is just so blown away with all the distruction. Well I guess Pres. Bush also got his way before leaving office. He gets to nominate another supreme court justice. Can't wait to see what happends there. I'm sick of all the CRAP that goes on up there in Washington. If they all pulled their heads out of there a--'s them maybe this country would be in a better place. I keep asking myself (self) how many people do you think will remember all that has happend when the next election cames rolling around??? If people would just stop electing the same old blood and try out new blood maybe things might go right.

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