Sunday, September 04, 2005

Lazy day, not!!!!!

well I cleaned the bird cages and vcuumed and did not much else this morning. off to fold the whites from last nights laundry. lol whats funny there is their not white any more. I used blueing to whiten them up a bit and not thinking I used to much and so now my white's are now blue. oh but such is life. if you can't screw up once in a while then what fun is life???

Bean was being bean too this morning. while I had the dogs outside and uncle festus and rohan out to clean their cages bean was trying to play with them. I tell you what for being in this house for only 2 weeks she sure has put the dogs in their place. its funny to watch them not go within 2 feet of her. and 3 of my 4 dogs are big. lol

I guess its off to do dishes and folding. I've been checking on the rescue going on in New Orleans today. I just can't imagine what it's like down there. I heard something not funny yesterday on the tv, someone said that now was not the time to "blame" for what did or didn't happen in the first 3 or 4 days after Katrina hit. I for one will disagree with that. If you don't speak about it now and just shove it under the carpet then the next time something like this hapens it will be worse. We have a government to look up to, to be there for when "we" "need" them and as usual their not there. The one thing we as a whole have learned from the past is we haven't learned anything, mistakes just keep happening.

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