Sunday, September 25, 2005

what really happend to customer service???

you know sometimes I just hate satellite tv. its out again. rain here today, getting the rain from rita.

ok this ranks right up there with my top questions of why are things the way they are???

can someone explain to me (without being a smart a_ _ about it) (rotflmao) what happend to customer service???

I have had to deal with 2 company's in the past few weeks. One being Melaleuka ( and the other being XM Radio ( that can't explain to me why their company's do what they do. let me explain my side :o)

first there's melaleuka, my hubby found this place on-line for a stay at home mom business, so I joined. well less then a month later I decided I didn't want to do this so I called the company to find out how to cancell my membership. this is what I was told by 2 different people. (Oh yes I have their names. I make sure to get names when ever I call a company and I also put down the time I called).

i was told "all I have to do is send a letter with my hand written signature and my membership will be cancelled".
great I said, then I was asked "why" I was cancelling my membership and was their anything the company could do to maybe change my mind.

I said no I just wanted to cancell. ok well thank you came the voice's on the other end of the phone. I said thanks and we hung up.
I then went and zipped off a certified returned reciept letter to the company. (the same day).

they recieved the letter on the 29th of August. at leats thats the date on the reciept. so any way a week later I check my balance at the bank and what do I find??? that the company took $57.00 out of my account.

don't think I didn't call the company. well after getting the run around for about a week I called to so called president's office. I spoke with a woman and explained to her that I sent out a cancellation letter, I told her when I sent it and when the company recieved it. I also told her about the phone call I made to find out how I went about cancelling.

She tells me that I was suppose to have a letter in by the 25th of the month if I wanted to cancell. I told her NO ONE told me that when I called, she pulled up my account and told me it was noted that when I called on the 23rd that the second person I spoke with did in fact tell me that.

I explained to the woman on the other end of the phone that I was not told that and if I were told that I would have over nighted the letter to them and paid the extra money to do so. I was now being called a LIER from the company. I told the woman to get that person on the phone and have her call me a lier right there. That didn't happen, no suprise there. So now to the company I am the lier. Not the EMPLOYEE but ME. because its noted in the computer by the employee that she told me something she in fact DID NOT.

Yes after all this the problem is still not fully taken care of. I've so far still been screwed.

I would like to say this to Frank Vandersloot (the Presdient)that if you ever need someone to re-vamp your customer service department JUST GIVE ME A CALL AND LETS TALK.

I can't believe a company allows its employee's to call it's customer's in a round about way "a lier" without invesagating the complaint.

the second was XM Radio. ever since I stared my subscription with them back in May I have been screwed on my bill. I have been over charged time and again. and then they take money out of my account without informing me. I don't get sent a bill either by snail mail or by e-mail.

Do others have this problem or is it just me??? when I called and asked whats going on NO ONE can ever explain anything to me. Its always the same line "I'm sorry".

Ok your sorry for what,(1)cause you can't explain whats going on at your company??? or (2)cause you can't explain why your company is taking money without informing me???

How do I know or not know someone at the company is not just stealing money from my account??? Seeing as to how they have my credit card number how am I to know when they are going to take money from my account if I don't get a bill of some sort???
who is keeping track of the employee's who handle accounts???

I asked to talk to someone at XM who could help me but the woman would not transfer me. Whats up with that???

I tell you what Murphy's Law SUCKS...

So please do tell, I really know I'm not the only one out there that this happends to. Please share your stories :o)

When are enough people going to finally put a stop to the way big business' treat their customers??? when are people going to finally realize that without YOUR money they can't run their business???

I for one am tired of being treated like CRAP.......

So hows your day going???

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