Friday, April 04, 2008

Real ID..

This is what I posted on the Cnet web site today. I would like to know what others thing about the .... "REAL ID" .... the Department of Homeland Security wants us all to conform to.

Do you think we really need this kind of policing or should the individual "States" have their Constitutional Right under the 10th Amendment to chose if they want this "or" not, "or" to lay down and roll over to the Federal Government?

I always thought and believe though I may be naive, that the "States" ran their own. I understand that 9-11 was a day the present time will not soon forget easy. When WWII happened it to was a time not soon forgotten and things did take place in this country that we still ask "why" but have "we"as a country learned nothing from our past mistakes???


I thought I lived in These "United States" (land of the free, home of the brave?), not a country where we have a Kings Rule.
Does my Government not believe enough in me or my fellow country men/woman to think we wouldn't stand up for our own country??? Why do we need all this policing in a country where we have the RIGHT to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (July 4,1776)???
And why on earth are the States except for the select few buckling under the Federal Government?
Just wondering here but When did the Federal Government have total Power and Control over the States???
One more time, someone please explain to me why we need a REAL ID. Can one not think on their own to know that if someone really really wants to do something weather to this country or to someone or anything else NO REAL ID is going to stop them. If the Government has all this money to waste on Real ID why don't they find better ways to use it in securing our borders or curtailing illegal aliens or the thousands of families in need or the thousands of children with out health care? Children in this country are going to bed at night without a meal, sick from no Dr. Education big joke there. Please people help me out here cause
"I'm not understanding why people want to GIVE UP THEIR FREEDOMS".........

Friday, February 22, 2008

Let it snow Let it snow Let it snow

Wow here it is Feb 22 and its snowing again outside. I know I know it's still "winter" but I sure am looking for ward to warmer weather. I don't want to wear a jacket any more.

So I hope all had a good Valentines Day. Mine was nice and quiet. Did everyone see the lunar eclipse on Tuesday night? That was so cool. The moon looked so small that night compared to other nights. I was just beautiful to me.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Dang its COLD

It is a whopping 16 outside with a wind chill of 6. I'm not a polar bear. I don't live in the arctic but it sure feels like it today. I am so looking for the warm weather to come.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Burrrr its cold

Really I can't wait for warmer weather. I really don't like the cold. I hope all is warm in your part of this big world. Now I know I live in the mid-west and it gets cold here every winter, now I can tell you this I do like the snow.Well at least the first snow. Its so beautiful and clean looking.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Just wondering

Did Hillery win NH because of her tears yesterday? She showed poor judgment in going there. How can a woman run a country if she's gonna use tears in public??? I know we have to be human but you must hold your head up in public as well as the Oval Office. What if some foreign dignitary upsets her? Is she gonna show tears and get upset? Thank You Hillery Clinton for making it harder for woman like me to be taken seriously when fighting for something they really want. I'm rethinking who I will be voting for in November 08.