Wednesday, January 12, 2011


It sure is a cold one today. We got snow yesterday but not really to much, at least not what I was expecting. Though I hear the south & east really got hit hard. Maybe next winter we'll get all that snow. Since living here we really haven't gotten that much snow. At least not as much as people have told me it use to snow here.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Help me vote for Wish Upon A Hero

This is a great site and needs all the help it can get. They really do help people in need and now they need your help voting for them to continue to help others.

Monday, January 03, 2011

From a not so happy person.

Ahhhh, still the Drama Queen and I'm still Perfect!  Glad to see that your still miserable, cold and unhappy. life must be long and hellish for you.  I know  deep inside of that Ice Cavern you call a heart, you secretly hope that I seek you out. I was not doing that as a matter of fact as you were assuming, just confirming to myself that any picture you post is always a look of UnHappiness.  But you know what works best for you, as you have stated that "you have made a life" without me in it.  Kinda like an Atheist without God!
Even though my standard is to remove myself from people who are energy suckers and depressing, you are my wicked sister and I still Love you, but that's about as much as I'm giving.

I am a

Our new cat Oliver

This is our new cat Oliver. Oliver came home with me from work because he just didn't seem to want to be a clinic cat. Since being here for almost a month he has sure become a house cat and seems to love all his new sibling including the birds.

Another New Year

Here we are in the third day of 2011 and I have to say so far its been a pretty good year. The holidays came and went fast and so did the snow we got on Christmas Day. I got what I asked for not on Christmas but on New Years Eve. Since we got 5 1/2 in of snow for the big white Christmas I wanted it to be warm on New Years and so it went. It wasn't exactly bikini weather but it did melt all the snow and it was nice not having to wear a thick heavy coat when we went out for the evening {dinner at JJ's Burgers & Beer}.

We rang in the new year at home watching tv and having a glass of cheap champagne. Hubby had to work the next day and the alarm rings early so hubby had to say good night to all and hit the hay. My son played Xbox and I surfed the net. That I would say is the safe way to bring in a new year.

I hope everyone had good holidays and a safe New Years!