Monday, January 03, 2011

From a not so happy person.

Ahhhh, still the Drama Queen and I'm still Perfect!  Glad to see that your still miserable, cold and unhappy. life must be long and hellish for you.  I know  deep inside of that Ice Cavern you call a heart, you secretly hope that I seek you out. I was not doing that as a matter of fact as you were assuming, just confirming to myself that any picture you post is always a look of UnHappiness.  But you know what works best for you, as you have stated that "you have made a life" without me in it.  Kinda like an Atheist without God!
Even though my standard is to remove myself from people who are energy suckers and depressing, you are my wicked sister and I still Love you, but that's about as much as I'm giving.

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