Saturday, March 26, 2011

It's another cold day!

It's another cold and possibly snowy day. I can't believe we had such wonderful warm days last week and now this, YUK!!! I'm so looking forward to not only the warm days ahead but also the longer days and nights.

I hope everybody had a good week and are having a great weekend. Already it seems like the months are passing by so fast. School will be out in another month and a half. I'm looking forward to my baby going to high school next year. Wow! now there's a thought, high school next year. It's hard to believe that 14 years have gone by this fast and here I just said the months are going by so fast.

Next August will be a huge mile stone in my youngest son's life. A lot of changes are awaiting him and how his future will slowly play out. Oh the girls are gonna start coming and going or maybe he will find a girl who is with him through out high school. Either way I hope he really puts himself in to new and wonderful opportunities that I'm sure will come his way.

Do any of you have any children going into high school next school year? Have you noticed how the years have just blown by? So many things and so many season's have come and gone and I'm really looking forward to all that is to come!

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