Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Blockbuster@Home vs Netflix

blockbuster at homeNetflix Vs Blockbuster @Home from Dish Systems, offering Dish Network, Dish Network HD and Blockbuster @Home

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HanSolo2469 said...

I think for the most part, the chart shows how the Blockbuster @Home option is better than Netflix. I can get video games with them, which is something I couldn’t with Netflix, and I don’t have to pay extra for BluRay discs. According to the chart I can also get 5,000 more titles, it seems like so much more to me since I like the selection with Blockbuster more. Right now this is only available to DISH customers, but from what I remember Joe Clayton saying at its release was that it should be available to the public some day. My supervisor at DISH told me the other day that they’re still offering this deal for a few months free when you sign up, no reason not to.